Does your dream job really exist? Or are you after a dream lifestyle?

Who do you want to work with

The people you surround yourself with at work are hugely important. There’s nothing worse than the crushing feeling of despising going into work because you can’t stand the people, even if the actual role you’re doing is incredibly fulfilling. And if you aren’t good with authority, having a manager can be the most difficult thing in the world. Do you even want colleagues? Are you more of a solo worker? Does asking everyone about how their weekend was or having to explain your own fill you with excitement or dread?

What brings you small joys

Think about what in your free time makes you happy. Is it being around family, is it working, is it spending money, is it being in charge of your own time, is it helping the community… and prioritise what makes you smile. If the dream job requires working all hours of the day, or means working most evenings, is this something you can deal with if your main joy is going out for dinner with your friends?

What tasks do you enjoy

Think about what in you do at work. What are the tasks that make you happy? What do they have in common? Now think about the tasks you hate. Then analyse why you chose these things and what they all say about you.

What environment do you thrive in

Think about what environment you want to be in. Office or home? Are you a routine person, or are you a bit more sporadic in your working habits? Do you need to be able to talk a walk on a whim? Do you love being around other people or are colleagues a distraction? Do you need coffee on tap? Do you like having your headphones on and just knuckling down or do you need silence and natural light? These are all incredibly important factors when it comes to designing your dream working environment.

Do you take yourself seriously

To be honest, people don’t like someone that takes themselves too seriously. And more importantly, not being able to see the funny side of things makes life quite boring. I wrote an article about a turning point that my business partner and I had about a year ago that completely transformed the way we saw our work and we’re 100% happier for it. The short version of the story is that we were taking ourselves too seriously and it took a big falling out for us to realise that we’d completely lost sight of the fact that we were living the absolute dream. So focused on the future, we weren’t able to enjoy the amazing lives we were living in the present. Thankfully we managed to pull ourselves back to earth and shake off the self-importance we’d been wallowing in for too long. Not everyone has that lightbulb moment and not everyone has that other person to give them a reality check, so we’re lucky we were able to recognise our own behaviours. So remember, if you get to a point where you aren’t worrying constantly about money life is so much more enjoyable when you can just have a laugh and be less serious. Don’t believe your own hype.



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Samantha Hornsby

Samantha Hornsby


Co-founder of ERIC. Likes writing, loves listening. Immersive experience obsessive.