10 amazing Employer Branding methods

How can you communicate your employer branding message? There are loads of ways. Here are some of the most popular ones…

Employer branding is no longer limited to big spend ad campaigns — now, any company size and budget can get on board.

Whether you have zero budget or huge piles of cash, thanks to technology employer branding is now accessible to everyone and it’s an even playing field — but this also makes it more necessary than ever because competition is increasing. So you need to get going. ASAP.

Once you know your employer branding message (don’t know it yet? Read this), the best way of standing out from the crowd is by being creative about it.

The media

Best example: Spanx

The idea: Get a story about how great you are as an employer and get some PR around it in the hope it’ll go viral!

Career fairs

Best example: Reset Fest by General Assembly

The idea: Find a career fair that reflects your industry & company and be present. Face to face is one of the most effective forms of employer branding.

A picture of an ERIC festival event (alternative career fairs for the creative industries) from 2019


Best example: GoPro (read the comments)

The idea: Create a video that reflects the authenticity of your workplace and how the people who work for you feel.


Best example: Groove Blog Squad

The idea: Write content that has a subtle employer branding message in it. Thought pieces, helpful or educational content, hot takes… it’s up to you what’s in it!


Best example: Inside Trader Joe’s

The idea: Create a podcast that encapsulates your brand, the people in it, the purpose… anything that comes across well on audio really!

Social media

Best example: Washington post tik tok

The idea: Give a regular, more authentic view into who the employees are and what it’s like to work at your brand.

Career websites

Best example: Joe & The Juice

The idea: Create a website that people will enjoy when they visit. The consistent problem though? Getting people to visit it. You might need to use some of the other mediums to direct traffic to your career website.


Best example: Apple x TMCF

The idea: Partner your brand with another brand who can support you to spread a message.


Best example: Thursday app

The idea: Put yourself out there in an unusual way in the hope that you’ll get like-minded people resonating with your brand and want to work with you

An iconic leader

Best example: Stephen Bartlett from The Social Chain

The idea: Your employer branding is driven by a single person. Your iconic leader has so many cult fans that they could run any business and people will always want to work for them.

Feeling inspired now? There are so many different ways of getting your message out there — but I hope the main thing you’ve taken away from this is that the most creative methods tend to work best.

If you want to stand out from the crowd then… well… you have to do just that. So don’t be shy. Be bold.

Sam is CEO & Co-Founder of ERIC and is an employer branding expert (especially when it comes to targeting Gen Z talent).

Want to know the latest in employer branding news & practice? I’ve got an ever-growing list of very useful statistics and persuasive evidence of how effective employer branding can be free and available here (email me for the password at sam@meet-eric.com).



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Samantha Hornsby

Co-founder of ERIC. Likes writing, loves listening. Immersive experience obsessive.